Getting started with online blackjack

Online blackjack is a casino game played via web-based casinos through a mobile or desktop device. The game is the online version of the traditional blackjack played at landbased casinos. The game involves several players playing against a single dealer. The goal of each player is to get a hand that is higher than the dealer and less than 22. To achieve this, there are certain moves the player must make. Blackjack is one of those games that allow more than one player to win. You can check out to learn more about playing at online casinos.

How do you play online blackjack?

Online blackjack is one of the simplest table games you will come across. The gameplay is quite simple that even a complete beginner can grasp the concept in a few minutes. The games start with each player getting two cards from the dealer while the dealer himself gets two cards also. Then, the player makes move based on the cards he gets. The player can decide to add another card to his hand if he feels his hand is not strong enough to win the dealer. This action is called 'hit'. Other actions the player can take include:

  1. Split
  2. Stand
  3. Surrender

To get started playing online blackjack, you should look for an online casino that offers online blackjack and its variants. However, there are some attributes to look out for before going ahead to register at a particular casino. The major requirement is that the online casino must be officially authorized to operate by a recognized gaming authority. This will ensure that their activities are properly monitored and you will fall prey to scams. Another important attribute to check out is how responsive customer support is. Also, you should check to see the terms and conditions for withdrawals before making any deposit.

Variant and strategy

There are several variants of online blackjack that you will come across when trying to play online blackjack. These variants follow the same underlying rules that govern regular blackjack, however, each variant has its own unique attributes. One of the most common online blackjack variants is the Blackjack switch. This variant allows players to start with two hands and exchange the cards between each hand. By doing this, the players can maximize the hands in each hand. However, when there is a tie, the dealer wins the round. Also, if you have a blackjack (ace and 10), it will only pay 1 to 1. Other variants include:

  • Double exposure blackjack
  • Double attack blackjack

Although, online blackjack is a game of luck, there are certain strategies you can employ to increase your opportunity of winning. A simple rule to follow is to quit hitting when your hand is at least 19. This will spare you from going above 21. Also, when you have a pair of 8, you should split it into two hands. The reason behind this is that a pair of 8 is not a strong hand in most cases since the dealer only stops hitting on 17. By splitting the hand, you have a better chance of beating the dealer.


Last modified: 20 January 2021